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Our Mission

Freshly laundered clothes and crisp, clean sheets may seem standard to you. But for someone living with HIV or AIDS, they could make the difference between life and death. Project K: The Kilema Humanitarian Fund was set up at the Montreal General Hospital with a mission to raise funds for a new laundry facility at the Kilema HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Center (CTC) in Tanzania, Africa.

In 2004, the Canada Africa Community Health Alliance (CACHA) initiated an association with the Kilema District Hospital in Tanzania. In 2007, the Kilema HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Center (CTC) was built, housing a treatment clinic, a fully-equipped laboratory and, most importantly, the Tegemeo Kilema Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support Program for children affected with HIV/AIDS through mother-to-child transmission of the virus. In 2011, we launched Project K: The Kilema Humanitarian Fund to offer ongoing operational support to the CTC as they struggle to provide patients with a better quality of life.

The goal of the 2013 Project K fundraising campaign is to fund a much-needed laundry facility to the Kilema CTC. Clean clothes and linens will bring comfort to those being treated for HIV/AIDS; moreover, proper sanitary conditions will greatly reduce the patients' risk of contracting other infectious illnesses including Hepatitis A and Typhoid Fever.

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